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Appendix 2

Rent assessment committees

Rent assessment committees are made up of two or three people -
usually a lawyer, a property valuer and a lay person. They are drawn from
rent assessment panels - bodies of people with appropriate expertise
appointed by Government Ministers.

There are six rent assessment panels in England and Wales. The
committees are independent of both central and local government.

Rent assessment panels have the following functions for private lettings:

• tenants of assured short-hold tenancies can refer their rent for
review during the first six months of their original tenancy, if
they consider the rent is above a market rent;

• tenants of assured/assured short-hold tenancies can refer
a rent for review where the landlord has sought to increase
it under the notice procedure under s13 of the Housing Act

• tenants of assured/assured short-hold tenancies can refer
for review a landlords notice of a change in the tenancy
agreement terms under section 6 of the Housing Act 1988
(this is very rare and therefore will not be discussed further);

• either landlords or tenants can refer a rent officer’s decision
on a ‘fair rent’ under the Rent Act 1977 if they disagree with it.

There is no appeal against a committee’s decision except on a point of law.

The committee may make a decision by considering the relevant papers
although you or the tenant can ask for an informal hearing, which you may
both attend. There is no charge for a committee decision. When settling
disputes on rent, the committee normally decides what rent you could
reasonably expect for the property if you were letting it on the open
market under a new tenancy on the same terms.

It does not take into account any increase in the value of the property due
to voluntary improvements by the tenant or any reduction in the value of
the property caused by the tenant not looking after the property.

The committee may agree the proposed rent or set a higher or lower rent.

More information on the work of the Rent Assessment Committees can be
found from the Residential Property Tribunal Services web-site at www.

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