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Sources of Legal Advice

1.8 Sources of Legal Advice

If a letting or managing agent is being used, they should be able to provide
some free basic advice about housing law as part of their services.

The Local Authority or local Citizens Advice Bureau can also provide simple
information on housing law.

Some excellent leaflets are available from the Communities and Local
Government’s website www.communities.gov.uk (follow the links for
Housing, then Private Housing, then Private Rented Housing).

Publications are available free of charge from:
CLG Publications, PO Box 236, Wetherby, LS23 7NB
Tel: 0870 1226 236, Fax: 0870 1226 237, Textphone: 0870 1207 405
Email: communities@twoten.com

Most landlords now have access to the internet, and a search for landlord
legal advice can lead to a number of sites giving free basic information
and offering other services where a charge is made [See appendix 3 - Useful
contacts for landlords.]

Landlords’ associations usually offer members free basic legal advice. If
more detailed legal advice, representation or advocacy are needed then
it may be necessary to consult a solicitor. Make sure the solicitor used
is experienced in landlord and tenant law. It is best to go by personal
recommendation. The local landlords’ association will be able to suggest
suitable firms. Firms specialising in work for landlords often advertise on
landlord-related websites on the internet. Remember to keep receipts for
any legal costs incurred because it may be possible to obtain tax relief
against these payments.

Be careful when reading BLOGs: there is a lot of urban myth out there and
other landlords are not always a reliable source of information.