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Responsibilities & Liabilities of the Landlord

2.1 Landlords’ Responsibilities for Repair and Maintenance

2.2 Implied Terms in Tenancy Agreements

2.3 Common Law Implied Terms
2.3.1 The Right of a Tenant to Quiet Enjoyment of a Rented Property Without Intrusion or Disturbance by a Landlord
2.3.2 Tenant Must Use the Property in a Tenant-like Manner
2.3.3 The Tenant Shall Not Permit Waste
2.3.4 Fair Wear and Tear
2.3.5 The Tenant Must Not Use the Rent to Pay for Repairs, Except in Very Limited Circumstances

2.4 Statutory Implied Terms
2.4.1 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985
2.4.2 Access to Property
2.4.3 Breach of Repair Obligations
2.4.4 Defective Premises Act 1972
2.4.5 Occupiers' Duty of Care

2.5 Housing Health and Safety Rating System
2.5.1 Hazards
2.5.2 Landlord Responsibilities
2.5.3 HHSRS enforcement

2.6 Decent Homes Standard (applicable to England only)

2.7 Gas Safety
2.7.1 Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998
2.7.2 Exceptions to the Regulations
2.7.3 Room-Sealed Appliances
2.7.4 Indications that an Appliance is Faulty or Dangerous
2.7.5 Tenants’ Duties

2.8 Electrical Safety and Electrical Goods
2.8.1 Landlords’ Duties and Responsibilities
2.8.2 Building Regulations Part P
2.8.3 Further Guidance

2.9 Safety of Furniture
2.9.1 The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988

2.10 Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)
2.10.1 Definition of an HMO

2.11 Duties upon the Manager of an HMO
2.11.1 Duties of Occupiers of HMOs
2.11.2 Duty to Carry Out a Fire Risk Assessment
2.11.3 LACORS National Fire Safety Guidance

2.12 Licensing of HMOs
2.12.1 Purpose of Licensing HMOs
2.12.2 HMOs Subject to Mandatory Licensing
2.12.3 Additional Licensing of HMOs

2.13 Planning Control
2.13.1 Obtaining Planning Approval
2.13.2 Certificate of Lawful Use

2.14 Building Regulations Approval
2.14.1 Obtaining Building Regulations Approval

2.15 Accreditation Schemes
2.15.1 How Schemes Operate
2.15.2 Membership Benefits
2.15.3 ANUK/Unipol Codes of Standards for Larger Student Developments
2.15.4 UUK Code of Practice

2.16 Applying for a Licence
2.16.1 Fit and Proper Person Test
2.16.2 Licence Conditions
2.16.3 Properties Which Cannot be Granted a Licence
2.16.4 Temporary Exemption from Licensing
2.16.5 Right of Appeal Against a Local Authority’s Decision
2.16.6 Offences

2.17 Rent Repayment Orders

2.18 Selective Licensing